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As a gruntled ex-employee of an off-the-books nuclear operation, you have decided to return and wreck havoc on your old co-worker. However, news slipped that you were on your way. Now you must fight through an endless amount of private security to make it to your ex-coworker, who will find out the hard way, that you have a bullet with his name on it. 

Character Name and Details: Sam Vargas, nuclear genius, prodigy at physics

Co-worker: "Zero" Andersan, the one that no one ever seems to care about - as such, traumatised by his past.


Generic SWAT Officer as Generic SWAT Officer

Key Features:



Custom Art

Catchy Music

Wave Survival

Assets Used:


Background: Myself

Enemies: Task force - OpenGameArt - Attribution(Riley Gombart)

The car Obstacles:  freepik.com

Bullet: Myself

Main Character: Myself

Boss: My flatmate James Cunningham


Gun Shots: SoundBible.com

Reload Sounds: SoundBible.com

Siren: Freesound.org (https://www.freesound.org/peop... )

Police Voice: My flatmate James Cunningham

Background Beat: Myself using samples from Ableton Live

This is a first ever attempt at creating a game on the unity engine, actually - first ever game attempt at all (in general) -  so this is not the highest quality of games, don't expect too much. Originally had plans for features of the game that I had no idea how to implement. Might look at this whenever I have free time to do so. 

Install instructions

Download the .Zip file, Extract, run Game.exe.

Recommend playing in full-screen

Recommend not having volume on max


W,A,S,D to move

Mouse to Aim

LMB to fire

Left Shift to Sprint


Itch Version 1.0.zip 14 MB

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